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Are you a Freedom lifestyle entrepreneurs (life or biz coach, healer or a yoga teacher)?

Are you wondering what’s holding you back from crossing the 6 or multi 6- figure threshold? Then, this may be of interest to you?

The personal growth industry is based on knowledge about how to create shift in a business or personal life. I believe in our days, Tony Robbins is the pioneer to monetize the knowledge based entrepreneurship.

However, the laptop lifestyle entrepreneurship, which is based on transformation is now totally focused on business growth and monetization of every piece of information. And since the value of information has dropped drastically, the personal growth industry is in trouble, even though it’s still multi-billion dollar industry. Any information you need is available for free, you just have to look for it.

The life cycle and value of a product, training or service is very low and the entrepreneurs are competing to hook the clients with creativity to repackage the same available information. In the past the experts suggested that to grow the business one must go on line. Now, the same experts are suggesting that you should go offline, to get traction. The training is all about how to “hook” the client and “nail” your offer so you can create know like and trust factor and then sell your product. The marketing strategies and tactics are all focused on how to sell the product or service and limited importance to the actual transformation of the client.

The products, programs and courses are created based on what the client will purchase, rather than what is needed for client transformation. This really drives me nuts.

The ultimate result of the personal growth industry is transformation. At present, the information available in the market is limited to system, strategies, process, techniques and tactics to. hook the client and monetize the business.

It is believed that having money will automatically transform a person’s life. This maybe true upto a certain level but this is a very limited view. The fact of the matter is money is just a means to an end , not the end in other words, it’s a vehicle for transformation. It is not the destination. In my view, people make money, money does not make people. This “mindset” is what separates the “real” from the wannabes. At this time new knowledge becomes the game changer for your business. In the upcoming article I will talk about the five stages of transformation and perhaps you will know where you stand and how far you are from the abundance you may be searching for.


My name is Rajah Sharma. I am a yogipreneur, an author and the developer of I help Freedom lifestyle entrepreneurs, such as life or biz coaches, energy healers and yoga teachers to attract high paying clients and scale their business.

If this subject is of interest to you and you would like to be a trailblazer and share this knowledge with your tribe then leave me comment below and let’s start a conversation, perhaps a movement to create conscious change in the personal growth world.

Let’s get beyond the mindset in the quantum mind space.

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