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The monk & the moon


I came across a story, worth sharing.

When life begins we are tender & weak

When life ends we are stiff & rigid

The grass, the trees, the animals, in life are soft & pilant

In death, they are dry & brittle

One who cannot yield will suffer defeat & a tree that cannot bend will break

The soft & supple are the companions of life.. the stiff & unyielding 

Are the companions of death… SURRENDER BMBRACE EMPTINESS

& THE WHOLE UNIVERSE is yours.. not displaying himself he shines forth, not promoting himself he is distinguished.. this is an urban yogi.. not claiming reward he gains endless merits, not seeking glory, his glory endures..he knows to follow so he is given command..he does not compete so no one competes with him..such a being resides upon the cloud and enters the sun..passing out of the world with ease and into the eternal..fear nothing except the failure to experience your true nature..speak nothing unless you have lived it first..the gate of heaven is wide single obstruction before it..

When will we wake up ? to see that there is nothing to fear...I sometimes wonder if I am a man dreaming I am a butterfly or I am a butterfly thinking I am a man?

What can I say.. that hasn’t been saying before? What can I do, that hasn’t been done before? The joy is simply in being.. not being in this or that

I like to watch the sun in the morning and the moon watches over me at night...

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