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Avatar or Avaatar?


Last few days the word avatar has been embedded in my mind. For some reason, I could not shed it. I decided to get to the bottom of it and upon some meditation, I realized that it was rooted in a conversation with one of my clients. I told her that for her to energize her new life, she had to embrace her new avatar. Then she corrected my pronunciation of the word “avatar” so for a while we had a good laugh while I was practicing the new pronunciation. Let me tell you that I’m from India and my body is 60 years of age. Even my English is an old school and an Indian accent. You know the head-bobbing one--haha. But the point I’m trying to make here is the word got embedded in my head for a reason. It was not my mind. I thought, for sure, my ego got hurt by a client correcting me but that was superficial thoughts, the mind thinking but something deeper was happening. And lo and behold, “THE” voice came up, you need to shift your own avatar.  This was my spirit telling me, I need to create a shift in the energy I am projecting. I need to come out of my shadows and own my power, be my new avatar, embrace it, embody it. Life’s been great. The lord has been kind. I have achieved a lot, I was resting in the fact that I have written 5 books. My work is complete. And, with Covid-19, the riots and all the time on my hands, I reflected & realized that my mission is just starting. You see, my mission in life is to bust the myth about the power of the mindset and promote true power,  CONSCIOUSNESS. I am looking for your support, especially from transformation entrepreneurs such as coaches, yoga teachers, healers, and other change-makers to get into a conversation about creating a lasting life change.

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